Friday, 1 January 2016

Well, it's a happy new year here!

We had a great night with fab friends, with the kids having a good night too with their friends too, although they didn't manage to see the new year in.  Not that it bothered them in the slightest!

Today was slightly delicate, as you may expect, but the house has been de-Christmassed and mostly tidied before I ran out of steam.  The kids are having showers and will be shoe-horned into bed early tonight, and I don't think I'll be far behind!  I do plan on mostly finishing the scarf I started the other day, I just need to get the right buttons.

There hasn't been any work out today, but hauling trees, lights and decorations back up to the loft is, I feel, a fair amount of exercise!

I hope you had a great time, and saw in the new year with the determination to make 2016 a good one!  With that in mind, I'll leave you with this, from Neil Gaiman:

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