Thursday, 31 December 2015

Favourite Crochet Projects of 2015

I didn't get round to doing my work out yesterday - I had a lazy morning, dozing deeply in bed, before being rudely awoken by hubby telling me that it was already 10 to 10!

As we'd decided to invite a few of our neighbours round for a drink and some chili, we had to get our skates on and finish all the prep - tidying the house to an extreme level, last minute shopping, and sorting ourselves out.  

The evening was a great success - a variety of neighbours, some we know well, one new family (our actual new next door neighbours) and some we say a friendly 'hi' to when we see them, but don't really know.  By the end of the night, everyone else was offering to host another evening, we're looking at summer garden parties (if the summer ever gets dry enough - it's been consistently wet for the last few), and there's a general feeling of good camaraderie.  It's a nice feeling to have been part of strengthening ties in our local little community, even if we have caused a few hangovers in the process!

Am taking things slowly today - I may or may not do a work out, but am not going to beat myself up about it.  What I thought I'd share today though are some of my favourite crochet projects that I completed this year . . . .

For my bestie friend, who, like me, turned the big 4-0 this year, I made this:

It was based on a pattern in Simply Crochet magazine, although I had to tweak it in places.  But it was a very satisfying project to complete!

The same Bestie had her first baby this summer, and so I wanted to make her something special - this blanket ticked my boxes, and I love it!

From the Owl Obsession paid pattern, and made with Stylecraft's Merry Go Round Starburst, and plain cream in DK, it was bright and colourful enough to suit any baby, and wonderfully soft.  Was very, very happy with it.

I also had a couple of commissions this year, that were challenging but fabulous too:

This first one was from a TA at my kids school.  One of the books on the reading scheme is about the Hairy Fairy - and one of her pupils in her group was absolutely fascinated with the character - so much so that I was asked to make one.  He now lives in a specially made Fairy Garden at the school!

The next one was one of the odder commissions I've ever had - teenage mutant ninja snails!  This was a Christmas present for someone who has giant snails herself, so the challenge was to make them look as much like hers as possible!

I'm posting these photo's with the kind permission of the new owner . . . .

They were based on this snail pattern, minus the eye stalks and with a tweak to the shells to make them look more like their inspirations.  They were well received!

That's all for now folks - if I manage a work out, I'll let you know, but for now let me wish you a fantastic end to 2015, and I hope that 2016 brings you everything you need and some of what you want!

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