Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Back to the grind, but finally finished!

Have been flying under the radar for the last few days - focusing on getting back into the routine of packed lunches, school runs and work, and all the other elements that make up the week.

In the time since my last post, I've both finished my hat and scarf, and started a new diet/lifestyle kick.

The hat and scarf can be seen below - as modeled by me!  The actual pattern suggests a fringe for the scarf, but I'm not a big fringe fan.

I did, however, add a huge pom-pom to it - although the picture doesn't do it justice:

I used two strands of Hayfield Bonus Aran, in Tweed and Cream (bought from Hobby Craft a couple of years ago and currently on their 3-for-2 offer - here).

The pattern for the Hat can be found here - and the scarf, here

I've really enjoyed making these - the main delay in finishing was finding the right buttons - but I got them throught the post today and am really happy with how they look.  And I think I've finished weaving in the ends in time as the weather is getting colder, so am looking forward to being toasty and warm on the coming school runs.

In other news, on the weight loss front, I was listening to the radio last week, and heard an interview with the authors of a book on 'Sirt Foods'.  My ears pricked up, as they would, on the mention of a potential 7lb weight loss in 7 days . . . . dangerous, and not necessarily realistic were my first thoughts, but given my current weight, definitely tempting!  Also, they weren't advocating magic pills or potions, just really upping the intake of certain foods that I already know are really healthy.

However, tonight I'm going to get to bed early and snuggle as it's cold outside, and I can hear the wind and rain at the window.  Tomorrow I'll share the low down on how the first few days on the diet have gone, and just how good, or bad, I've been!

Oh, and one last thing - David Bowie died yesterday.  I'm not one for great outpourings of grief, but I will always remember what I was doing when I heard (reaching into the cupboard for cereal) and just what a shock it was.  He was many things to many people, and no one single thing to any.  For me one of the things he'll always be is Jareth, the Goblin King.  Am sure I wasn't the only girlie who would have been quite happy to stay with him!!

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