Monday, 4 January 2016

Foodie Monday

Ok, so this wasn't really supposed to be about food, but when you're trying a new recipe, and it turns out well, you want to share it with people!

This is the Lemon Butter Chicken, from the Damn Delicious blog.  I came upon this recipe the other day and thought to myself, my that looks very tasty, I've just got to try!

 And, so I did!  

This is part way through, after the chicken had been browned, and when most of the other ingredients have been added to the pot.  By this point both of the kiddies were making vague hints as to how it smelt 'ok', which for my two is a grudging sign of approval!

Here, the previously browned chicken had been added back to the mix, after it had been simmering as per the instructions - looked fantastic already!!  

This was the dish straight form the oven - the spinach worried me slightly until I realised that I could probably get away with it if I called it herbs!  By now both kids were hungry and saying that it smelt good - a huge improvement!  I served it with baked potatoes and broccoli, with raw carrot sticks (they won't eat cooked carrot)

Now, with my kids, I've come to the realisation that if one declares a love, or even a like for a particular food, it automatically discounts that food from ever being eaten by their sibling again.  With this dish, although not wolfed down, they both ate almost all of their portion of chicken without either screeching that it was awful!  In our house that's almost a champagne toasting success!

For now though, I'll settle for a glass of Chablis whilst I crack on with the ironing, now that they're in bed.

Edit - myself and my husband generally eat later than the kids during the week, as he often doesn't get home, even at the earliest, until 7:30pm (although tonight he was caught-out by someones birthday and was therefore home much later than normal, so we ate seperately this evening).  Therefore, I've just finished my portion, which I had with a baked potato and lightly sauteed green beans, broccoli and carrots, and I can safely say that this dish is delicious.  It's very rich though, so I wouldn't have it every week, but it's definitely going on my preferred list of recipes to have at least once a month - especially knowing that the kids will at least eat it, even if they deny loving it!

I will get round to putting up some crochet at some point, but life is so exciting with all kinds of things, and at the same time exhausting as I've slept really poorly for the last two nights, that I sometimes drift from my path - and it can take days to drift back . . . .

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