Sunday, 3 January 2016

Pause for Thought

Earlier today I was being grumpy in the kitchen - mentally moaning that it's only me that does the washing, and most of the tidying, and calculating all the jobs that need to be done today before the normality of back to school and work hits us tomorrow morning.

Then I had a realisation . . . .

Yesterday the local FB pages were filled with news of a horrible accident on the A21 near us.  A very nasty collision had resulted in 7 people being injured, and despite it happening very close to the nearby hospital and A&E unit, the Air Ambulance was in attendance as some of the injuries needed extra special attention.  As it turned out, the ones that went in the Air Ambulance to London were two of the children - an 11 year old girl and a 9 year old boy.

I found out this morning that the family were from our local school, and I know the Mum - not well, but we've exchanged pleasantries on more than one occasion.  4 of her kids were injured - two with minor injuries (bump on the head, and broken fingers - bad for them, but one was able to go home with her Nan that day), and Mum was treated at the local hospital whilst her other little ones were taken to London.  I can't imagine how that must have felt - to be seperated from your kids, knowing that they are desperately injured, and not knowing exactly what's happening to them, or when you'll get to hold them again.

So this morning, as I grumbled to myself, I realised that this Mum would give anything, absolutely anything, to have her babies all at home, uninjured and safe, and the only worry being how much washing and sock-sorting she has to do before her kids go back to school.

Count your blessings peeps.  No matter how grumpy and grey your life is, someone would rather be living your day than theirs.  I will hold the family in my thoughts and prayers, and be very grateful that all I have to worry about today is the housework, some ironing, and remembering to put my work phone on charge and turn the morning alarm back on.


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