Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Am starting afresh and am taking these from my other blog - this was the first relevant post:

Right, I'm going to do this thing!

Am not waiting for Jan - I want a head start.  What is it they say?  A year from now, you'll wish that you started today . . . .

So, I'm overweight - but who isn't after Christmas eh?  I have managed to put on half a stone over December, and I was already overweight before that.  Obviously, I don't want to stay this way, so I'm going to chart my progress as I try out methods of losing weight and gaining a better shape than a sack of potatoes, which is prety much what I am right now.

On Christmas day, I saw this video . . . . . .

This . . . . it inspired me!

I loved this guys attitude - he couldn't manage everything, but rather than give up and accept his size for the rest of his life, he accepted that he was at the beginning of his journey and each day he'd do a little better than the day before.  He lost 21 stone in 15 months!!!!!

I thought about it - we had the whole in-law family around - a house of 10 people, 4 of which were kiddies, and to be honest, there was no way I was going to do anything on Christmas day, or Boxing day, and the 27th was a visit to my folks for more food and happy meetings. One thing I have agreed with myself is that life is to be lived, so I wasn't going to stint myself too much!

But today was the day to begin - my parents-in-law left this morning, and we had a lazy few hours after that, getting used to being just 4 again.  So I dug out the mat I bought when Wii Fit was the fashion, took it to the bedroon and found this video:

I managed pretty much the entire work out, and can feel it now in my tummy!  I look nothing like the lovely lass in the video, of course, but I really enjoyed the workout.  And, it's a start.

She has 3 work outs at this level, and I plan on going through them all, doing one a day, for the next couple of weeks.  It's only 20 or so minutes a day, and I can already feel that it's working my muscles.

Anyway, I'm going to chart my progress here - tomorrow I'm going to be brave, take photos and take measurements - I want to see the changes myself!

However, I'm also going to be brutally honest - I'm not perfect, and life has the potential to be very short, so I'm typing this whilst outside a few glasses of white wine.

Honestly, I will be drinking fairly frequently, and not always eating healthily, but I will be working harder at being good than 'normal' and still trying to achieve the goal of weight loss and a better lookin body.

One thing I do believe is that life is to be lived, and I don't want my last thought to be - I wish I hadn't said 'no' so often.  There are delicious things to eat, drink and experience and I want to make the most of all of them, but still do my best to not turn into a human dumpling!

See you later on the journey . . . .

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