Wednesday, 30 December 2015

This was yesterday . . . .

Well, I can safely say that my lower tummy muscles are definitely feeling the first yoga session!

Now, normally, I don't like anyone, even my husband seeing me exercise - being a red, sweaty lump is hugely unattractive!  However, I've realised that I've got to get over myself, and I have just finished my second work out on the bedroom floor, whilst hubby was having an extended lie in.  I guess he got board of the instructor, so he got up, showered and went downstairs.

The second workout was tougher.  Slightly longer at 30-ish minutes, it focused on thighs, hips and bums, whilst also giving those abs another run for their money.  I also couldn't consistently manage the 'jasmine vine' exercise, which was laying on your back, raising your legs to the ceiling, and then scissoring them as you raise and lower them to the point you can manage.  However, I'm not giving up and am looking forward to seeing how many sessions it will take before I can do everything she was asking for on this work out.

Here is the vid - if you're going to try it too, please let me know how you found it:

Of course, I must remember that my blog is also about crafty stuff!  So, with that in mind, later I'll post pictures of a chunky scarf that I started on yesterday - it's already working up a treat and I hope that we'll actually get some cold weather for me to actually wear it!

That's all for now folks - see you later!

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