Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sooooo - ok, I'm crap!

Not tooo crap, but crap.  After all the big promises, I've fallen off the exercises wagon 'WITH STYLE'!

Ok, so that's not something to actually be proud of - I'm currently hitting the scales at the heaviest I've ever been, and I'm not thrilled.  But, I am looking at my body and thinking that I'm no where near as awful as most of my mind tells me.

I know what I have to do - and drinking less wine is a huge part of that!  But it's a huge part of my/our life.  But less is achieveable - none is just too painful to contemplate!

But the exercise thing needs to pick up, massively.  So, I'm signed up for the BHF - 'Run a marathon in September' charity fundraiser.  It will give me the focus to run over 26.2 miles over the month.

Just wished people would support me!  I have a modest £100 target and I've managed just over £15.  sad really as I've sponsored so many people in the past. I'll just have to plod on and hope that the money will come in sometime before September ends!

If you fancy supporting me in any way (given that no one reads this, the chances are infinitesimally small!) you can donate here:

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